GLOWHY is committed towards Global Women & Child Welfare, Health and Youth Development.
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Who We are? Why we Exists?

Our motto is to empower women and enable them to craft an independent identity for themselves. We also work towards providing underprivileged children a better future.

We promote health initiatives which focus on the overall – physical, mental and spiritual – well-being of the members of the World.

We introduce the youth to great employment opportunities by providing skill development training which bridges the gap between education and employment


Women & Child Welfare

Ensuring women development is one of the prime focus areas at GLOWHY. The role of women in the society is one which cannot be carved out or allowed to be suppressed in any manner whatsoever. GLOWHY’s main objective behind the adoption of the issue of women development is to work towards strengthening the status of women in the society. Through our constant initiatives under this cause, we at GLOWHY, aim at providing support in the areas of education, employment access and causes of similar nature, to those women in need.
Besides, GLOWHY believes that in order to achieve our vision for overall development, focusing on the child development is of primary importance. The importance of child development comes from a belief that only a well nurtured childhood today, has the potential to bloom into an empowered youth, tomorrow. Thus, one of our focus areas strongly relies on delivering development resources and opportunities to those children belonging to the underprivileged classes. Our members work and contribute tirelessly towards the same, particularly by providing institutional services and education access with a view that all of this put together, will help us in achieving the desired targets.

  • Women Empowerment - Encouraging women to the forefront is one of the main objectives behind GLOWHY’s initiatives towards women development. It is very important for women to voice their opinion and participate in the decision making process at every level of social, economic and political matters. In order for such active participation, it is important to educate women of today about their rights and empower them with the ability so that they can stand for themselves. Through our well planned programs and initiatives we allocate our resources towards optimum utilization in this regard. We aim at improving the status of women in areas of education, employment, health and such related issues.
  • Creating Equal Opportunities - The necessity of creating and making available equal opportunities for women and children carries significant importance. The implications of depriving women and children of fair and equal access to opportunities are quite negative. On the contrary prioritizing their equality issues and supporting them can open doors towards creating a fairer and more diverse society. Creating a society which is equal, fair and diverse, is what we believe and aim at GLOWHY. Thus, in order to achieve our goals we have in the past and continue to launch initiatives like ‘Women Employment at Village’, ‘Tuition fee for Underprivileged children’ and alike.

Our vision of creating empowered sections of World Community, aims at bringing all elements of Freedom of Women development together. Thus, we welcome suggestions and participation from our members and volunteers.

Health Development

Health is a fundamental driver in the overall pace of human centric development. Together with education and other aspects, health is the next most important focus center at GLOWHY. Ensuring access to health development is important in our understanding for sustainable and equitable development. Thus, in our initiatives towards social development, we recognize the necessity of health development right from the early ages to grown up adults. In our programs we have made an attempt of splitting some of the most important components for health development. Our beliefs and initiatives there under are discussed as follow:

  1. Spiritual : The art of healthy living - Throughout our initiatives, we at GLOWHY have placed major emphasis on promoting the component of physical development towards overall health development. Focusing on physical health development stems from an understanding that it facilitates one’s ability to learn faster. In other words, it helps in making the body more productive and active. The growth of physical health development flows as a continuous process. At GLOWHY we make an attempt to understand the physical health problems that can impede a person’s development and are associated with poor health outcomes. As a result of such understanding, we have initiated programs such as ‘health awareness program’, ‘medical camps and medicines’ and activities of similar nature.
  2. Mental : Being positive and proactive - At GLOWHY, right attitude of mind is recognized as the third very important component for overall health development. A healthy mind is the key to a healthy body and well being. The science of health development shows that the foundation for a healthy body is built with a sound mind. Our mission is to provide access to quality health care opportunities to individuals which focus on their overall health development including mind peace. Our initiatives under mental health development include meditation and yoga training programs per person. However, through our repeated efforts of organizing health awareness programs for underprivileged social groups, we aim at covering all the facets of health development which we feel our pivotal in this sphere.
  3. Spiritual : The art of healthy living -In order to have an abundant life, we at GLOWHY believe that spiritual development forms a very important component of the overall health development. Through our initiatives and programs we aim at developing a shared understanding of a contemporary model of spirituality. By the term contemporary model spirituality, we simply mean that we work towards providing spiritual mentorship for the art of healthy and happy living. Towards constructive spiritual growth and development we have designed programs focusing on self analysis, behavior correction practices and activities of similar nature.

Our vision of creating empowered sections of World Community, aims at bringing all elements of Freedom of health development together. Thus, we welcome suggestions and participation from our members and volunteers.

Youth Development

The role of youth in overall global development is of primary importance. Youth has the power and ability to transform and shape a better today for a brighter tomorrow. The power possessed by youth is a globally recognized force today. However, they can be utilized as a constructive force only if it is developed in the right direction. Thus, it gives a rise to the need and importance of active youth development starting from the grassroots level of the society.
At GLOWHY we believe that activation of youth development of the underprivileged society is as important as any other section. Such constantly developed youth will lead to more contributing hands towards the nation building and ultimately will help make the global society a better place.
At GLOWHY we do not believe in creating an idealistic society, but strongly believe in creating a more aware and responsible pool of citizens. Thus, in order to achieve our vision we have categorized our initiatives under different areas, which we feel are significant towards its realization.

  • Life Skills:- Life skills are more aptly defined as those essential skills which one needs to have in order to live a more fulfilling life. At GLOWHY we have taken up certain initiatives that help young people acquire these skills that they need in order to become more productive and responsible. We aim at providing them with the basic essentials which will help build their path towards self sustenance and self satisfaction. With already initiated programs like yoga, meditation and empowering youth we have taken a step towards our vision. Get in touch with us for more information on our work in this area.
  • Job Skills:- With ever increasing competition in the job market, not everyone has the access to professional skill training that employers are targeting. However, this does not make someone any less able to acquire these job skill set. GLOWHY has associated with Universal Young Minds, with an aim to impart customized training and learning programs such as “Industry Ready skills”, “Continuous career e-learning” and so on. If you wish to donate or associate with any of our job skill initiatives, please feel free to get in touch with us.
  • Access to employment opportunities:-At GLOWHY, we believe that our efforts do not end once we have successfully helped someone in acquiring the life and job skill set. In fact, opening doors and building the path thereon forms an important part of our vision. Besides being capable and skilled, most of the youth belonging to the underprivileged sections of the society, encounter difficulties in the job-hunting process. We work closely with Universal Young Minds to provide with the right career guidance. Their CTC programs include career counseling, Coaching (online/class room) and so on. We invite more members to join us in our initiative by sharing their knowledge and resources with us.

Our vision of creating empowered sections of World Community, aims at bringing all elements of Freedom of Youth development together. Thus, we welcome suggestions and participation from our members and volunteers.

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