Our Vision
“World community to live in prosperity hapiness and peace” through practices as systematised by vethathiri Maharishi

Our Mission
“To disseminate the teachings and techniques of vethathiri Maharisi, in the most inspiring and interesting manner to all levels of people irrespective of coutry, colour, education, religion, caste or creed. To understand and use natural resources properly with love and respect in line with our vision”

Our Strategy
“To accept the changes in the changing world, as self changing agents through learning, loving and leading, by setting a role model to others”

Our Strategy Focus WHY
Women Development: Everyone on this earth is born out of a women. Women are unique in many ways. A Nation’s health and prosperity is measured by the health and living conditions of women. Motherhood is Godhood. Respect women and reach out for success.
Health Development: Healthcare is personal responsibility. Health care is not medical care alone and is more of prevention. Care for health and care for happiness.
Youth Development: Youth represent the future. They are a bundle of energy. Let us channelize their energy for a bright future, by providing training in “Living Values and Skills”

BIST - CHD Regular Programs
Particulars Routine Timings Venue City
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Exercise and Meditation Daily 6.30-7.15 PM BIST-CHD Centre Bangalore
Spiritual Talk Daily 7.15-7.45 PM BIST-CHD Centre Bangalore
Science of God Series Weekly Wednesday BIST-CHD Centre Bangalore
A-Cube(Kayakalpa) Monthly 1st Sunday BIST-CHD Centre Bangalore
Youth Dev Workshop Monthly 2nd Sunday BIST-CHD Centre Bangalore
Women Dev Workshop Monthly 3rd Sunday BIST-CHD Centre Bangalore